Macc Dundee confirms filming has started on “Jack Boyz” movie

The famed project that’s taking years to make has reached a milestone today. Filming began, Yes that’s right, after 7 years in development “Jack Boyz” the movie has wrapped it’s first day of filming. “It was awesome to finally see the script put into action!” One friend of the cameraman told us. “You could feel a sense of magic on the set.”

We’ll keep you posted on all things “Jack Boyz” movie


“Motivation: Reloaded”

I take a trip to Dundeal Studios on a rainy Monday in Seattle Washington. “I’m here to see Macc Dundee,” I tell the man at the gate looking my Geo Metro over. “Hello, Gossip we’ve been expecting you.” Security is tight right now with the rerelease of Macc Dundee’s 4th album titled “Motivation: Reloaded”. The album is a work of art and now with a few remixes and bonus tracks. Maybe the best album from Hip Hop We had ever heard. Hip Hop albums have always remained a favorite of mine time and time again. Finding a good album in this era from start to finish with no skippers is a triumph. Hard to find. I wanted to know more about the man behind the music. The Macc is back again.

Macc greets me after my long journey from the gate to the front door opening it and it being Amber Rose smiling at me with her new baby. The outside is gated and bated. Perfect scenery with water fountains and flowing waters into pools with gold dolphins singing songs from Macc Dundee. A basketball court with seating for fans to come and pay to watch sometimes Shaq and sometimes Bigfoot.

Gossip Pimp
There are rumors in the air that Macc Dundee is out of retirement and this is his last rerelease album. Why not retire now?

Macc Dundee
African Children needed help. “We Installed clean water units for safe filtered water. Kept standards up and kept people hydrated. we can change the world,” Macc told a close friend some 3 weeks ago. “Nutrition was a key to a child’s development.”

Macc continued to tell gossip pimp how we can save the African child. He stops and pauses. “Let’s go for a walk” he continued “We can answer some of your questions along the way”.

We walk over to his tennis court and play. Macc Beats me in under 2 minutes. Game set match. It was not pretty at all.

Gossip Pimp
Have you always been good at sports?

Macc Dundee
Yeah, It was always a competition between me and my brothers growing up.

One of his brothers is R and B singer-songwriter J-Shep. The two have collaboration seven times in the last few years. the new song is “Fly 4 Ever” in which Dundee and J-Shep both wrote. Dundeal Entertainment is Dundee’s label that he has yet to sign many artists.

Macc Dundee
It’s all about quality control. Everyone wants to make a million dollars and sell out areas. They just don’t always set up and perform well. I hear a lot of artists tell me they are the next big thing in rap. The only problem is they don’t even have music online.

Macc hands me a cold beer and we sip and talk some more about the new album and who is on it. he tells me all hitters from the northwest. Of course, Yukmouth is from the Oakland area. Seattle artists A-Train Gang, Mista Mutt, Sticking Biz, B.I. The G, Phantasy Reighn, Kemo, Young Flames and some secret artists to be announced on a remix album.

Gossip Pimp
What can we anticipate from you in the coming year?

Macc Dundee
Solving world problems on a grand scale is key. Africa will be a better place for the kids.

iCizzle denies being Elvis Presley’s lost son

We ran a DNA test similaritity
DNA is far more advanced since the 1950s

The claim is Elvis froze his sperm before his death in 1972. Later it was used by a woman who died giving birth to iCizzle. Here at the Northwest Mecca Radio we try and report only the best in rumors and gossip. This story is a bit odd, to say the least. Anyways, believe it or not, we guess. If you haven’t watched and commented on the most talked about Youtube iCizzle’s Elvis what if documentary.

People have an freezing themselves for years

This is nothing new and they did it already in Austin Powers. Some are skeptical that freezing of sperm actually works. we talked to Stevie Bello from San Diego, who works at a sperm freezing bank. “We’ve been freezing sperm since the 1950s”. Another lab in New Mexico had this to say “People have a hard time accepting the sperm freezing process, However, it’s all real!”

Austin Powers was frozen in the 90s

iCizzle made a documentary about the what-ifs of Elvis Presley. Some of the facts presented are that Johnny Harra a longtime tribute artist was actually Elvis Presley. We must admit that the documentary makes some interesting discoveries that even the king himself might find to be true.

Stay with gossip pimp as we continue to uncover more facts about iCizzle being Elvis Presley’s cryogenically frozen lost son.

Who is the real J-Shep?

Heated words have been exchanged between the Sheps.  Sources tell us that J-Shep demanded he was the real J-Shep.  J-Shep has bought as the other J-Shep bought  The two have been battling online space and search results for some years now.

J-Shep does gospel music and the other J-Shep does R&B / Pop / Hip Hop music. the two are black which for a lot of white people makes it hard to tell the two apart. A conspiracy theory contests that they are the same person. what amazes us is that there are more J-Shep’s out there. There’s a DJ J-Shep, Trainer J-Shep, among others. What J-Shep is your favorite? and who is the real J-Shep?

10 Success Lessons From JAY-Z

Want to hear some of Jay-Z’s success lessons?

Unlike many fellow music artists; who will spend all of their money on fancy 
houses, cars and nights out, Jay-Z has invested the money he’s earned from themusic business back into himself in the form of building his own businesses.


Don’t get me wrong, he has all of the above, but over the years he’s been smart with his money and has become both a truly successful entrepreneur and music artist.

Jay-Z’s Success Lessons

Jay-Z now has an estimated net worth of over $710 million to his name.

 Whilst I’m not entirely sure how much of this has come from the business side of things; it’s safe to say that it’s a hell of a lot, with Jay-Z owning companies such as Rocawear & Roc-A-Fella Records.

Here are 10 of Jay-Z’s success lessons:

1. Hustle

Jay-Z, as a young child didn’t really have many opportunities going for him when he was growing up. He grew up in Brooklyn, living with his mum who had to support their family on her own.

When he was old enough to start wanting to go out and make his own money, the only real option he had where he lived was to go out and deal drugs.

Even when he was dealing, he showed true talent as a hustler, and as he started to work hard towards his ultimate goal of becoming a rapper, it wasn’t long before his talents started to grow.


2. Have an ‘Empire State of Mind’

When you think of a hip-hop artist, wealth is something that springs to mind very quickly. Although, there’s a big reason why Jay-Z’s wealth exceeds far beyond most other hip-hop artists.

He sees music as his passion and an excellent way to express himself, but his overall mentality is towards building an empire. He’s owned restaurants, clothing companies, bars record labels and much more. This is a state of mind that every entrepreneur should have.


3. Don’t Wait Until You Have The Tools

Many people seem to get stuck in the mindset that they should wait until they have everything they need before they begin a venture.

This is not the natural order of things. Work leads to growth, which leads to income, which leads to investment in the correct equipment, which then leads to more growth and so on.

Jay-Z didn’t start by expressing all his rhythms using instruments, oh no, he started by simply using his hands on a table to create beats.

It’s the exact same story for when he first started Roc-A-Fella Records. There were no fancy computers, not even a desk. He started from the bottom and worked his way to the top.


4. Have a Plan

Jay Z is a serious entrepreneur. He didn’t just start a business and take it from there. He created a proper and official business plan to make sure he knew exactly what the plan was before jumping into things.

A lot of people think that they might have a pretty good memory, so they don’t need a hard copy plan. But the reality is, that once you have everything written down in front of you, certain things appear much clearer than they would in your mind.


5. An Idea Could Strike at Any Time

You never know when another idea could pop into your head. Funnily enough, when you move about from place to place in your daily lives, a sudden change in the environment around you could easily give a new idea.

Jay-Z was prepared for this. Whenever he used to wander around with his friends, he would always carry a pad around in case something triggered any new lyrics to come about. He’d then stop and write down anything that came to mind before moving on.

The same can be applied to whatever business venture you’re a part of.


6. Don’t Run Your Mouth

It’s pretty easy for people to get persuaded by others. Whether it be their friends or family. If you start pouring out your dreams and goals to them, you may not get the right response and support you were looking for.

So instead of gossiping to them all about your dreams straight away, try and refrain from it. Them not knowing will allow you to focus on your work and heading towards your goals.


7. Skills Can be Transferred

Jay-Z doesn’t have a fancy degree or diploma in business. Far from it. He learned most of his skills from when he was growing up, dealing on the streets.

Even though we don’t really think of drug dealing first as being a great skill set user, Jay-Z gained a lot of knowledge about sales and management from this and transferred it into his later real, legit and professional businesses.

8. Ignore Trends

Trends, most noticeably in fashion, don’t last for very long. So if you end up copying a trend in your business, the chances are you won’t last very long. Autotune was a very trendy element in the music industry as Jay-Z grew as a music artist.

T-Pain is the most notorious for using this in his songs, but Jay-Z stayed clear and kept on doing his own thing. He made a wise choice.


9. Don’t Take Your Eyes off the Prize

Sometimes when you’re working so hard at something and you finally start to get a little taste of what success is like, you automatically think you’ve made it; Start to spend more money than you can afford and so on. Try to resist this temptation.


10. Start a Blog

Might seem slightly strange that a hip-hop artist who’s also trying hard to build an empire, has time to regularly blog. However, Jay-Z saw it as a good way to write down his feelings and to be able to communicate them with the rest of the world.



Thanks for checking out this article. Jay-Z is a truly successful hip-hop artist and entrepreneur, and there’s a lot we can learn from him.




Here’s a quick recap of Jay-Z’s success lessons:

  1. Hustle
  2. Have an empire state of mind
  3. Don’t wait until you have the tools
  4. Have a plan
  5. An idea could strike at any time
  6. Don’t run your mouth
  7. Skills can be transferred
  8. Ignore trends
  9. Don’t take your eyes off the prize
  10. Start a blog

Yung Zeke – The BEACH CITY OG Has Arrived (interview)

“From LEGENDS to SoundCloud rappers”  MEET YUNG ZEKE FROM THE LBC

Making a name for himself has been a slow and rewarding grind for Yung Zeke and his quest to become a Hip-Hop household name, and the way it is looking, it won’t be long now…   As Nipsey Hussle has been getting the world ready for the “Victory Lap”, Yung Zeke and his Dawg Crew have been weeding and seeding to get the LBC Movement blooming.  We had the chance to sit down with “Yung Zeke” for a quick interview in the midst of his very business schedule.




So, Snoop Dogg is your manager, how does it work to your advantage and disadvantage to be attached to such a large brand of hip-hop?




Yung Zeke:

With Snoop Dogg being my manager it makes it easier to get around Independently because Snoop Dogg has a household name, and Other artists in the game know I have to be Somebody in the game that’s Valuable if the legendary Snoop Dogg is taking his time out to work with me.  Sometimes it can be a disadvantage because when you work with such a big name some people become Groupie homies instead of real friends.





So tell the world who are the members of the soon to be world famous Dawg Crew?



Yung Zeke:

The members of the Dawg Crew are Young MIc West , Sam.I.Am, King Kodac, Alisa B and King Joe.







What was it like working with ZboyFro like?




Yung Zeke:

When I and ZboyFro work together it’s like a Breathe of Fresh Air.  We have a great chemistry and very great vibes, when we are collabing on a creation.




What doe s a typical day look like for Yung Zeke?



Yung Zeke:

My typical day is basically going over business plans with my team,  making sure we meeting deadlines with upcoming events, studio time , videos, photo shoots , etc… Also promoting hard for my new Strain #BeachCityOg which will be hitting the Oregon market summer 2018.




How has your role changed as an artist since the LBC movement?



Yung Zeke:

My Role changed from being a Artist with LBC Movement by me having to take what I learned from snoop dogg and the tour experience, and teach my team some new tricks I learned.  Also, it changed because I had to put back on my Ceo Hat for my independent Group “Dawg Crew ” and get us geared up for the Next big adventures coming along with the Industry.




What projects are you currently working on?


Yung Zeke:

My current Project is my EP Called “GODA” meaning “Greatest of Dem ALL” MArch 3rd  2018 . Also dropping my group Mixtape “Dawgy Season” end of the year.  Also, I have my own Cannabis Strain/brand Dropping called “Beach City OG ”  Summer 2018 grew by “UPLIfted Cannabis” out of Oregon State.  Right after we will be dropping “Dawg Crew OG”.




If we could see you collaborate with your favorite musician, who would that be? or have you done that already and who was it?



Yung Zeke:

If i could collab with one of my Fav. artist it will be “Jadakiss & Twista” … I met Jadakiss when i was apart of the wildnout show and still need to collab. I did a Single with Twista on my upcoming EP “GODA” called “Beach City OG” to help promo my upcoming Strain which will lauch IN SUMMER 2018.





How does rap relate to jazz in the eyes of Yung Zeke?



Yung Zeke:

Music heals the soul .Just like good live Jazz music can brighten up your day with a Strings of great sound waves from the instrument so can Good lyrics aligned with some good sounds. Jazz and Rap can both be Mode changers …




Could we see a Yung Zeke and Dave East collaboration?



Yung Zeke:

Yes LBC 2 NYC.





Where do you see your career in 5 years?




Yung Zeke:

I See myself at the Top of the Charts…  Dropping Platinum hits with my Team.  I also see me opening up my own shops, getting my brands out there worldwide.





Who was the most influential person in your life? And why?




Yung Zeke:

My Family was the Most inflential becuase they knew” WHAT WAS in me” instead of doubting my abilities





What’s is your motive in all this, what message are you looking to convey to the people through your art?



Yung Zeke:

The message I’m conveying to the people is, that you, have to overcome every obstacle in life in order to become the better you …









Yung Zeke:

I would tell a Non-Believer, that I was once in his shoes until I knew exactly what I wanted in Life.


Engagement rumors have swirled around the ‘LFL’ player and J-Shep for months.

Engagement rumors have swirled around the ‘LFL’ player for months.

The “My Thoughts” singer J-Shep and LFL Seattle Mist player Christine Moore have been rumored to have been engaged for a few months now. A source close to J-Shep denies that the couple are indeed engaged. well, we just hope the best for the two if they are engaged or not.   


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